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I wrote this to aldersprig's prompt "All right, if not erotica, what about what of my favorite submission elements in a non-specifically-erotic setting: the stronger/more powerful man kneeling in front of the woman in surrender." This actually wound up as a 600 plus word piece (and there could be more) but what we have here is an extract of about 240 words.

(There was) a half-dressed man was on his knees in the middle of her office floor, his wrists confined in magical manacles and a heavy linen bag over his head.  His escort were from a unit directly under her mother’s personal command and their leader had a letter for her signed by both her parents.

Valinya read the letter, looked at the man, and read the letter again.  She took a longer look at the man.  He certainly wasn’t any sort of stripling, that broad chest definitely spoke of maturity, and the evidence indicated that his hair was probably brown.  Where he was tanned, his skin was darker than hers went in the sun, and where it wasn’t, he was paler.  He was probably Brobagian, which fitted with her parents’ latest conquest.  She said, holding out her hand to the leader of his escort, “Captain, give me the key to the manacles and then wait outside the door.  He and I need to have a private conversation.”

“Highness.”  The man bowed, handed over the keys, and then the six of them left the room, although it was clear they all thought that whatever she was going to do was a bad idea.

Valinya locked the door behind them and, on the way back to her desk, pulled the bag off the man’s head in one easy movement.  When she turned to face him, the broad, handsome face was sneering at her.
Tags: 161002 prompt request, valinya
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