rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Prompts For The Coming Week

Well, I thought my Prompts For This Weekend thing went fairly well. I worked more slowly than I hoped, but perhaps I didn't allow for the number of prompts, plus doing things like shopping, seeing a movies and writing Nai. Thank you to everyone who prompted.

My list is now down to seven items because you all got me motivated to get some things finished. Thank you.

I am now requesting prompts to help me get things done this week.

Prompt me with a whole number from 1 to 7 inclusive. Also give me a short prompt tag you would like written to. I will write 150 words/spend 15 minutes on the list item, and then write you 200-250 words to your prompt.

There are some rules.

* Please don't ask for main story Nai as your prompt - more Nai writing will happen next weekend;

* One prompt per prompter; and

* No erotica (I need to be in the mood) and no fanfic (I would mangle your favourite characters to no satisfactory result.)

Thank you for your help.
Tags: 161002 prompt request
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