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The Party Assembles
This follows on from The Responsible Adults Need To Get Together.... and was written to kelkyag's prompt "that cliffhanger Mayin is stuck in."

“Ah, people,” said Sharvon the cameraman, “I’ve got someone in a set of overalls and toting a bag, no those are tied together shirts, coming in this direction.

Wraith looked at his feeds. “That’s Reaver. This is all about to become less one-sided.”

Reaver arrived at a crouched run, emerging from a formal shrubbery directly behind their position, and dropping down behind the wall without standing. “We gotta do something about those thorny pears in there, I swear they’ve got a micronutrient deficiency or something – those thorns should be bigger and sharper.” He looked around. “Okay then. This looks promising. Who’d like a present from Uncle Reaver? Sorry I’ve only go the stuff I took off the bad guys.”

Neoma, looking entranced, asked, “Did you really tie them up with their own underpants?”

Reaver looked back at her and replied, “It’s an underappreciated art, short stuff, but I did. Now, my presents are a bit big for you,” he opened the improvised bag of tied together shirts and pulled out a G149 which he handed to Mayin, “so you won’t be getting one today. Who are you here with?”

“Aunty Mayin. It was supposed to be ‘an educational experience’.” Neoma pouted. “I don’t like this educational experience.”

“Then you’re a sensible kid,” Reaver handed another weapon to Wraith, who immediately, as Mayin had, checked the weapon for maintenance, load and status.

Reaver was about to add something else when Sharvon said urgently, “I’ve just had another drone camera pop up op on my screens. I don’t know if he can tell I’m here, but I’m fairly sure the operator is working for the bad guys.”

“Let me guess,” said Wraith. “Someone wants to make a televised speech and demonstration.”

The besuited woman looked at the new camera feed and snorted quietly in disgust, “Amateurs!”

This is now followed by Rules of Engagement

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Still missing people! Still cliffhanger! Neeps and moar plz?!?

Neeps! Like "eep!" only plural and, umm, noisy or something? Alternately, turnips.

Yay presents! I wonder how well our camera operator can subvert that new one.

Meanwhile, Neoma is getting rather more of an educational experience than intended. And good on her for disliking it. Though really, many things presented -- especially in advance -- as 'an educational experience' are worthy of dislike.

The day did start really well.

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