rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Recovery Action 4.1

This follows on from Recovery Action 3 and was written to kunama_wolf's prompt "Continuation of the thing that required you to travel for further research (patternbox theft?)

“You can follow him now,” said Sir Charles, “or we can avoid more murder and you can come with us to the Weavers’ Guild to sort through the stolen patterns in this box for the property taken from you or those you represent. We are all here to recover that which was taken from its rightful owners for those entities.”

“Why should I believe you, Englishman?” The Indian’s voice did not clarify their sex for Briony. “Your people have been all too ready to grab what is not yours among peoples far from your tiny homeland.”

Lord Oda said calmly, “Not all of us are English or even British, but we are all here to recover stolen property. The rest of us trust the Weavers’ Guild. Do you?”

“Their reputation for scrupulousness in matters of pattern ownership is unstained and unshadowed,” agreed the Indian. “I do not hesitate to say that this is a serious matter of state for my government. If I can recover even a portion of what was taken from us by coming with you tonight, then I must do so.”

Sir Charles’ eyes narrowed and he asked, “You think he might have split the papers up?”

“Why else would he have a bag packed and ready to hand, to be snatched up as he made his escape?” The Indian shook their head. “I suspect that for some of us this matter is not yet over. Nevertheless, I will come with you now and recover what can be recovered tonight.”

This is now followed by Recovery Action 4.2.
Tags: briony peters, clarenc abbotsford, lu of the plain blue banner, oda tesutsuwa, sir charles goodman, weavers' guild
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