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Settling In
I wrote this in response to aldersprig's prompt "The superhero/villain family, the catboy at the door, and what happens next" and it follows on from Protection.

Radimir Petrovich Chadov had a suitcase and a backpack with him, and he left those in the middle of the lounge room while Corella showed him around the house.  He’d insisted on doing the inspection straight away.  “Matvey Lavrentovich arranged for me to come here because trouble is coming for you, Corella Lavrentova.  I may not be as far ahead of trouble as we would like.”

He definitely had a point, so Corella took him around the property.  After that he was happy to move his things into the downstairs guestroom, saying as he did so that it was the one he would have asked for.  It was about time for lunch by the time he’d squared himself away so Corella fed them both and then, after another walk around the perimeter of the house, Radimir Petrovich slept for most of the afternoon on a garden bench.

He was, Corella could tell, largely cat.

At dusk her Russian guardian woke up again, padded around the boundaries again, and then joined her for a meal.  “You should try to get to bed early tonight,” he said between mouthfuls of beef bourguignon, “if there’s going to be trouble, it will be later when the streets are quieter.  Also, I hear yesterday was a long one for you.”

“It was,” Corella agreed quietly.  “I’ll clean up down here and then I’ll go up.”

“You show me how this dishwasher works so I can take care of dishes after this, da?”  Radimir Petrovich really did have a nice smile, if a little incisory.

The bang in the night came at half past midnight by Corella’s bedside clock, and the cries and swearing afterwards did not sound at all Russian.

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Please don't make us wait a year for the next chapter!

My immediate reaction to the last paragraph was Боже мой! Bozhe moy!, but of course it really wasn't a surprise. Well, not overall, because we knew SOMETHING was going to happen, but putting myself in the audience, as it were, I was reacting to "the bang in the middle of the night".

And «padded around the boundaries again»: of course! 😸

Edited at 2016-09-29 11:27 pm (UTC)

I think I need to write more of everything!

He is rather well-spoken for being mostly cat. And if he's capable of inducing swearing and cries without any of his own, he definitely qualifies as a good guardian.

I await to find out if Corella is a superhero or supervillain.

Radimir Petrovich is a professional soldier - he knows that he's far scarier if he's silent. :)

Corella hasn't really considered a supercareer at all....

<thinks back along the storyline> We've been told Corella has powers of some flavor, with the suggestion that they're probably informative or (...?) rather than offensive or defensive, but ~nothing beyond that of what they might be, I think. Nor what her mother's powers were -- but two and possibly all three of the other offered examples had information-oriented powers. Curious!

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