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Prompts For This Weekend

Okay, I have a three day long weekend coming up, thanks to our Labour Day, and I have a leave day on Friday giving me four days off in a row!

I also have a list of things to do in my very unpretty bullet journal. Many of those things are writing things, some of them are just things. Many of those things are Project 1, which is a secret because I will be very embarrassed if I talk it up big and then don't do it, and Project 2 which is sauergeek's fault. There is also the knitting.

I am asking for help with my indecision over which thing to do next which is mixing in with my innate attraction to the newest bright and shiny idea in my head....and leaving me playing games instead of writing.

Assume there are nine things on my list, including the knitting. Prompt me with a whole number from 1 to 9 inclusive. Also give me a short prompt tag you would like written to. I will write 150 words/spend 15 minutes on the list item, and then write you 200-250 words to your prompt.

There are some rules.

* Please don't ask for main story Nai as your prompt - I have already allocated most of two mornings and part of an afternoon to Nai writing;

* One prompt per day per prompter; and

* No erotica (I need to be in the mood) and no fanfic (I would mangle your favourite characters to no satisfactory result.)

So, may I please have some prompts for Friday?

Thank you.
Tags: 160929 prompt request
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