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Riches, Relatively Speaking
calm, purple me
I realised this afternoon that I am rich compared to most of the people who have ever lived.

I bought seventy steel needles today and I own more bath towels than my household can use all at once.

(Bath towels are a valid comparison of financial status because my paternal grandmother had three young children and owned two bath towels, one for the boys and one for the girls, between the five of them.)

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Yes. I try to remember and appreciate how spoiled I am, frequently.

I'm pretty much definitely on the low end of the middle class, but looking at things historically I'm absurdly rich. I have access to a doctor, medicines, and potentially surgery that won't be almost certainly lethal. I have hundred of books. I have enough of my favorite socks to wear a fresh pair every day for a full week. A couple dozen shirts, multiple trousers, two count them two pairs of shoes... That's before you get into the nigh magic of a couple of laptops and access to the internet.

All but the poorest of the poor today have it better than the majority of people not so many centuries back. Even a bad job that barely lets you make it paycheck to paycheck still grants access to things that would have seemed miraculous.

But of course we rarely pause to look at it from that perspective. The usual comparison is to the rich of today or our neighbors and not usually even people a few decades ago. But it's good for us I think to do so from time to time.

I have RUNNING WATER and a FLUSH TOILET. Yes, I have lived without those as an adult. Amazing what that will do for perspective!

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