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Poll/Reality Check
Dear Gentle Beings of all persuasions and particulars,

I have a choice to make: change of (physical) scale or deployment of background handwavium.

Do you have views? Do you just want to see me grab the unlikely/stupid/impossible and take it for a run? Do you just like looking at handwavium?

I haven't decided how to fix this problem yet and I am open to suggestion.


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Insufficient context to provide useful responses!

Consistency is good. Handwavium *can* be invoked consistently but often isn't ...

Thank you. In stead of explaining why a world where my 'small' area map was about 3 times Earth's diameter across, was so similar to Earth I changed the scale.

I had a semi-workable explanation....

Your question is rather close to vagueposting, but there's enough here to at least put together a general answer.

Handwavium, while sometimes fun to look at, usually proves to be a foundation made of at most straw, and often nothing more than air.

Grab the unlikely or the stupid! As Mr. Sherlock Holmes said, "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.". Sometimes discovering the unlikely -- or the stupid -- can be a fine plot hook.

I decided a normalish sized world was better. :)

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