rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

The State of Rix

This morning on my way to work I tripped and hit the roadway with my face. No broken bones, no broken glasses, and I still have all the teeth I had before. I do have a gravel rash on my top lip, the glasses were scratched, and the doctor gave me two days off work.

Given that I made tea when I meant to make coffee earlier, I've decided to stay away from sharp things like sewing machine needles today.

Now I'm not committed to anything for the next day and a half, and totally ignoring the writing projects already on hand, would people be interested in reading a world building encyclopaedia?

I have this half drawn map, you see, and a series of prompts, and I saw some of Ursula Vernon's things, and as a result I have an Idea which is probably wholly derivative, but....

Would anyone be interested?

(Noting that this actually ties in very tangentially with the whole idea of turning some of my writing into an e-book.) [Well, in my head, at least.]
Tags: idea, real life

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