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Landing Page: The Twisted Skein

This world came out of my languary posts which begin to explore this setting's lingua franca, 'Allspeak'.

The Twisted Skein is the local name for a dense cluster of normal range stars existing improbably in orbit around two colliding spiral galaxies. Everything indicates that this is a relatively short-lived interstellar structure, but compared to human life spans this is not an immediate issue.

At this time the people of these tales are human. The Skein was accidentally settled via wormhole by an unorganised fleet of mainly comprised of refugees from the then political and social collapses occurring in the Norma and Scutum-Centaurus arms of the Milky Way galaxy. The original human population had among them: 23 recorded languages of use among them; 27 recognised cultural groupings; and four identified human subspecies as well as standard-variation homo sapiens sapiens.

It has been generations and now most systems have some permanent human habitation in them.

There are lots of things going on in the Twisted Skein but my main interest at the time of writing lies in the events in these stories:

As Good A Place To Start As Any....;

Ice Queen.
Tags: erilkar pilot ojij, ladrassa gassadthir, languary, the twisted skein

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