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Packing Heat
Cowgirl Nymph
I wrote this to the Thimbleful Thursday 100 word prompt Packing Heat.

“So,” said the elegant older woman with asperity, “who’s providing who with a cover story here?”

“Ma’am?” The younger speaker was a nondescript girl/woman in her late teens.

“I was persuaded to let you and your friends tag along because chaperoning a school representative team was a better story than our original one.”

“You make an excellent headmistress, ma’am.” The words and tone were completely respectful.

“Thank you. Last night a man was investigating our luggage, but you dealt with him before your uncle and I could intervene.”


“We saw you and that emo boy.”

“Ah, yes. Edan.”

“Exactly. So, what’s your sport again? If anyone asks.”

“Building clearance.”

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Ooh! *curious*

Building clearance?

Emo boy!!

Building clearance with guns and things, eliminating unfriendlies....

aaah, that's what I thought! :-D

That makes more sense than what my head came up with - that building clearance was another name for a demolitions team. The building is cleared - gone, entirely.

Maybe they could do that too.....

Huh. (I would've guessed building clearance meant dealing with booby traps and stuff. Close enough?)

Reminds me of the folks who ... were holding a mission-planning meeting under the cover of a "party" after their team leader was "grounded" by parents who didn't believe her and tried to have her deprogrammed and put back under their guardianship ...

I am dubious that their cover story will ever work if it gets as far as the discussion did here. Likely, instead, they will start, um, playing their sport.

Really, that sounds like a bad thing all around.

I agree!

I had watched. RED2 before writing this and the 'headmistress' is definitely Victoria.

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