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The State Of Rix
calm, purple me
At the moment my face, specifically my mouth, feels insulted when the pain meds wear off. This is not surprising because I had a tooth pulled yesterday.

There was also a small abscess so I think that explains everything about the way I felt on Friday that wasn't covered by the weather we got because our real winter temperatures arrived all at once.

I have another twenty-four hours worth of antibiotics, the pain meds previously mentioned and I've begun the rinsing regime to prevent dry socket.

Also, backing up my main computer because it made strange noises the first time I turned it on this morning....

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Hoping for fast healing and good pain meds!

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Thank you. At the moment the thread ends of the (dissolving) stitches in my gums are annoying me... :)

Hope you feel better sooner rather than later!

I suspect that I'm already feeling better than I would have if I hadn't had the tooth out.

And thank yu for your kind wishes.

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