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Null and Void
Cowgirl Nymph
So I wrote this to the Thimbleful Thursday prompt Null and Void, and it won't be obvious but this is our first visit to the North America of Rune and etcetera's world.

“Cancelled? How can my ticket be cancelled?” Yollie was almost beside herself and only long practice stopped her making a public spectacle of the type she most deplored.

“I’m sorry, Miss, but it seems you’ve been flagged as a minor travelling without parental authorisation.” The check-in clerk smiled apologetically. “You need your parents’ permission to get on a flight, or a court order. A social worker from the Juvenile Authority is on their way over to take you into care now. Please take a seat and we’ll get you some hot chocolate and cookies to be going on with.”

“But I’m going away to school!” Yollie could see her chances of a future where she wasn’t her siblings’ carer slipping away. “I have a place at Western Lakes University. They’re expecting me.”

“I’m sorry,” the clerk smiled sympathetically, “but the law requires us to ensure your safety. The terminal security guards will make sure no-one bothers you,” Yollie looked around involuntarily and saw at least four guards minding the check-in area, “and those refreshments will be right out.”

Yollie dejectedly took one of the indicated seats to await the social worker who’d surely drag her back to the family home. The promised hot chocolate and cookies arrived almost immediately, delivered by a steward and stewardess wearing the line’s first class cabin uniforms and served on a freestanding portable table.

The stewardess was just pouring Yollie a second mug of the best hot chocolate she’d ever had when the social workers arrived. Mz Lennix, who Yollie knew already, was busily talking to an unknown big, solid, olive skinned man.

Mz Lennix made introductions, “Yolanda, this Mr Georgiadis. He’s new to the department and is working with me for a few weeks. Zeus, this is Yolanda Renver. Two of her siblings are part of my caseload – special needs.”

“Ah,” Mr Georgiadis nodded understandingly and took one of the cookies from the plate Yollie proffered. “So, why is your arm sore, Mz Renver?”

This is now followed by Null and Void 2.

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Actually, which parts intrigue you?

* how did he know her arm hurt?
* How did she manage to get this far towards school?
(Does she get to go to school?)
* which definition of special needs are we using here?
* where are her parents in all this?

"You don't look like a social worker."
"I'm a special classification."
"Did you ever kill anyone?"
"We getting off the subject..."
-Lilo and Stich

Riggi's story wasn't north-america-ish? I read the university there to be in a Canada-analog, but looking at the discussion in comments it's fuzzy.

How old is Yolanda? At least sixteen? And accepted at Western Lakes? <looks hopefully at Mr. Georgiadis>

<blink> Ah. Gah! Losing track of universes ...

The main campus of Western Lakes University is on an elevation, because they're not stupid, overlooking beautiful Lake (Missoula). [Local name to be decided.]

At least she has really good hot chocolate!

And really good cookies that I didn't get to describe!

Probably a variety of cookies, even. They don't know right off which ones are her favorite!

I'm coming back to comment after having read all four so far.

My first thought on reading this was "There are shenanigans going on here, but whose?". I came up with two immediate possibilities. One, Yollie was running away from home -- maybe with good reason -- and had (ab)used a parent's credit card to get the plane ticket. Two, Yollie was legit -- there are regular albeit uncommon under-18 college freshmen -- and someone in the airport was trying to derail her for (possibly nefarious) unknown purposes.

The sore arm as an additional cliffhanger provided no useful insight, but works as an additional hook. And Yollie being polite to a nominal captor gives at least a beginning of insight into the character.

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