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A Staff Issue
This follows on from Nai Age Eleven - and contains no Nai.

“Mr Fat, I’m afraid I can’t take your playground duty for you today. I’m escorting Officer Ho to lunch,” said Scholar Fong Siew. Her words were firm and confident but her tone and demeanour were not.

The sports teacher stepped forward so that he could more easily loom over the shorter Scholar Fong. “I’ve got a pre-competition meeting with the interschool gi-team and then I’m seeing the under-15 baseball team about their new uniforms for the provincial tournament.”

“And you just happened to arrange those meetings for a day you knew you had playground duty on.” Scholar Fong’s voice was flat and unsurprised.

“Why not when I know you’ll do the playground duty for me?” Mr Fat smiled down at Scholar Fong in an unfriendly fashion from a head and shoulders above her, completely ignoring Officer Ho.

“Today I already have a commitment,” she replied, tilting her head to look back up at him, “so I can’t help you.”

Mr Fat began, “Do I have to remind,” then Officer Ho coughed. Quite sharply.

“I’m sure we would all be much happier, Mr Fat, if you did nothing to suggest to me that I should give a practical demonstration of the current doctrine on the use of reasonable force as it applies in law enforcement.” Officer Ho appeared to be loosening the muscles in his neck and shoulders as he spoke, his small but significant movements suggesting limbering up.

“You’re what? Some sort of pencil pusher to be sent out around the schools like this?” Mr Fat sneered down at the shorter man. “I haven’t done anything-”

“Not yet,” admitted Officer Ho, “but you sound exactly like someone who’s about to.” He smiled beatifically.

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Mr. Fat appears to've forgotten at least one very basic thing about gi combat. Very sloppy for a coach. I wonder if he's mislead his students in the same mode ...

Mr Fat is a bully, and not actually a gi teacher - more just the one who organises the school team to be places. The team members all have their own gi teachers outside of school.

The bully bit came across loud and clear. But even just organizing administrivia for the gi team, I'd expect him to learn something about the sport. Is he in the habit of excluding students who are short and/or slightly built from the team, or giving them grief?

I suspect that if you're 'in' with hi then you can do no wrong...

Scholar Fong seems to have ben someone he has been able to intimidate into doing what he wants.

And he really shouldn't be discounting Officer Ho.

Scholar Fong gets the hairy eyeball for letting that go on, yes. Story? <hopeful>

Taking any of Master Que's students less than seriously seems an error, indeed.

Not taking a uniformed police officer seriously is a mistake.

Also! I might be distracted by more familiar parts of the storyline. :)

Well, as long as Mr. Fat doesn't *touch* Scholar Fong or Officer Ho, they can be off to lunch and he can deal with the playground duty himself.

Of course he's probably not going to leave it alone so... I see stars in his immediate future.

It is never a good idea to "touch" a policeman who is on duty. The wider authorities seem to take it badly.

Given that he's apparently more an administrative 'coach' than teaching coach I wonder how many team members would actually be sympathetic to him if it comes to actual conflict. This could get awkward for him no matter what happens...

Maybe baseball is more his game?

Besides, this is a matter between teachers and, potentially, a policeman. Students would probably keep well clear.


• the doctrine ^ use of reasonable force
^ of

Thank you. I believe I have fixed the doctrine problem - a word wasn't missing, I misused doctrine.

That interrupted phrase "Do I have to remind" speaks about how he's managed to keep her doing playground duty for him. But I wonder what he's threatening that's kept her taking his playground supervision. And if he'll still be able to keep that after this encounter, should Officer Ho not be there.

Honestly, in my head physical threats/force does come into it, reasonable or not.

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