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It May Be Time To Find My Inner Marketer and Business Manager....
calm, purple me
Okay, my day job is not about to disappear out from under me but the organisation is looking at how it does things, and etcetera. Consequently think I need to develop what haikujaguar would call my Business Manager and my Marketer. [Seriously, if you haven't read her blog and her business book, I thoroughly recommend them - and it's not all business, if you have that all sorted out.]

Because they might become a serious part of the master plan.

I think it's fair to say that I don't have an Artist, I have a Writer. Writer actually does stuff that gets posted to be read of those who of you who pass through here, and a number of you like it.

The time requirements of the life-roles that don't feature in this discussion make me look at what I already have that I could use as a project to Learn How It's Done and to develop both Business Manager and Marketer.

Nothing I 'out the back' so to speak is ready to be pushed out into the world in a form for which I would ask money for, but Nai is getting near to a point where I could declare the completion of Book 1, and I have two ghost stories that might form part of a collection of the same. Does anyone think there's anything I'm missing/dismissing?

I also realise that this could involve setting up as a small business, with registrations and everything....

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I'd suggest dipping your foot into short story submissions immediately. I have some market-links I could offer. They're not huge money off the bat (usually) but a good way to get a feel for the publishing industry.

Hrrm. Do you have a mid-long storyline near completion? For self-pub, I'm about to go through some of that myself and we could walk through it together.

Parthi Gens, also known as the Cadet, only has a couple of pieces to go - I think.

It might be too episodic...

I should practice writing to a deadline for submission, because if I missed the deadline I would still have the story.

I'd pay for Nai book one in ebook format. I love that story.

I can see the end of Book 1 in sight - well my idea of the end of Book 1.

Where I thought the story would finish after four episodes.

I continue to encourage you to submit Ghost Story for publication!

Look at themed anthologies, maybe? You've got fun pieces in fairy tales, and steam punk, and with cats, and dragons, and ...

The business side I've sadly no clue about. I can proofread stuff, but we still have differing opinions on commas. :)

Something for your Business Manager

There's been some outrage in the social medias among some people I know, that there have been either some changes to the copyright laws, or suggested changes, that basically result in ripping off authors.... ah, here. Someone's done some research and reading.

Damnit LJ. rix, my spam post is not actually spam.

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