rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Who's Behind the Door?

In response to the Tell Me Tuesday prompt.

The door was a standard, 5 centimetre thick plastisteel door that retracted into the wall. Normally these things opened by proximity switch so a free hand wasn’t needed to operate them.

This door was locked.

Something was painted in white on its unfinished grey surface that could have been a message or even sigils. On a found ship both were possible, but if anyone knew they weren’t telling Jarvis.

He sighed and pulled out his universal lock pick set. Of course none of the high-ups knew how to open a locked door – that was why they’d called in him, their ship’s cleaner.

As soon as Jarvis had the door unlocked Captain Cazumat thrust it open – and got a mesonic energy spike through the chest.

“I am now Captain.” She might have been ten and spoke High Nasuan in the royal mode. She held her weapon competently in both hands.

She pointed at Jarvis, “You can be my adult. Summon my officers for my instructions”.

Tags: tell me tuesday
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