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Temporary Absence
White anemone person
In a few days I'm going away for a few days on a trip for the day job.

The house will not be unattended because the Offspring will be here.

I will be taking the laptop with me and there might be Nai writing, or writing of other things that happen to be in progress that are on there. On the other hand, I might not be able to use the laptop while I'm actually in transit so I need some prompts I can write by hand in a note book.

Specifically, I need prompts in the format of a letter from A to E inclusive, a number from 1 to 5 inclusive, and finally a number from 1 to 74 inclusive (one category of prompts has that many options...)

Thank you for your help.

Additional bits: I am now on the train that will take me to where I can get the train to the airport

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This prompt brought to you by the letter D, and the numbers 1 and 60.

[Initializing Randomizer]
> D
> 5
> 19
[Returning Randomizer to Sleep Mode]

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