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Landing Page: Dark Fantasy Bingo
Dark lady
Back in 2013 I got a card for [community profile] darkfantasybingo. I wrote two stories and then got caught up in other new, bright shiny ideas....

But now I plan to finish it. Please be warned that subject matter may become uncomfortable. I am using the bingo card prompts as titles, so that may be some warning and I'm trying to include a useful summary at the beginning of each story.

So now, we have the stories of what happened to Sillan Denevda after the Council of the island city state of Scalery moved against her grandmother, known as the Beldam.

The stories are:

001. Slavery;

002. Alien; and

003. Sea.

There is also a background piece, When Do Rivers Die?

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<rereads> Clearly I need to keep digging backward for your finish-it prompt call, as I hadn't gotten this far.

Unfinished bingos are an item in my master list. :)

(Deleted comment)
She doesn't know everything that's going on or everyone's motivations.

Yeaaaaah ... I'm *very* curious! (Um. How many serials do you want to be running in parallel?)

They do seem to breed as much as universes, don't they?

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