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More Character Please Prompt Requests
Hi, in the interests of getting me to write more as I get into winter (southern hemisphere over here), I am working on A Plan.

If you have a character of mine you would like more of, please post a name and a link to him/her/it/they in the comments below.

Main story Nai is going to get written anyway, so please, not that here. However minor characters or past history from Nai's story are perfectly okay, as are multiple characters per prompter.

Thank you.

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This overlaps a lot with the other one but...

http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/232504.html Cory

http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/231818.html Avery! And the Guardian

Okay, I'm like 110 back and I haven't found them so:

The Nedetakaei and the dog
Rune? The one named out of a book.
...the ... oh gods... woman with the slightly feral husband?

And and the lady with the dead superhero parents and the awful aunt. (Corella?)

And princess Barica and her clone-brother-in-laws' wives http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/217291.html

Edited at 2016-04-30 02:07 am (UTC)

Lemon and Hylakaros' dog boy is Natos (the story is on my laptop).

Are Rune and "... oh gods... woman with the slightly feral husband?" the same person? If not, describe 'slightly feral' in more detail please.


It was ... urg. A series with a woman who was - maybe kidnapped?

Urg, I'll keep going back on it.



That cadet/junior nco who's very competent because she did a heap of fighting before joining (couldn't find her landing pg either)
*edit* Parthi!



Edited at 2016-05-03 02:32 am (UTC)

Incomplete list, unordered, additions will drift in. Or I could just say "yes, please!" :)

Mayin! Because *cliffhanger*, almost but not quite literally.


Bethany. And/or Theda.


Lady Wen Cho.

Detective Ho Shum.

I'm not sure if I want to say Chung Man Fu or Bing Lu Ming, as I don't know how or whether either of them is likely to intersect with Nai's story again. Or maybe they both will at some point and that's main line story.

... okay, pretty much any of the side-stories in Nai's universe. Ha Ri and Rau Wang should get their own mention on the list. Maybe some of the low-profile reincarnated folks, like the tinker, or ~anyone female. Oh, and the extinct trees Master Que conjured up and the fallout on city planning. Chan Tsu and medical gi research. And Riggi, though her story's far away from everything else ...

Millie, and pretty much every other thread in her 'verse, and there are a *bunch* across many generations. Including Rune, who I think aldersprig mentioned somewhere, and Dagmar, and ... and that 'verse needs a landing page, and I can't find the returned Atlanteans on the tag ...



The Broker.





Seconding Ha Ri, Rau Wang, Lady Wen Cho, Chan Tsu, Que Tzu, Ho Shum, Chung Man Fu, Riggi, and those trees Master Que summoned up in the Nai-verse. (And maybe also Bing Lu Ming, if the story ends up with him or his entirely too permissive father getting kicked off the end of a pier or similar.)

And I'd like to add Chan Zhu; Madam Siew; Li Bao, Tseng Tung, and Yu Fong; and more about ritual sorcery in general, in the Nai-verse.

Also seconding Baranyi, Mayin and friends, Bethany, Briony, Millie, Riggi, Cory, Corella, The Broker, Tala, Parthi.

I'll also add Baranyi's possibly-soon-to-be beau Buldaveho, whether separately or together. I'd like to see how Bethany's grandmother turned into such a controlling, unpleasant woman. And finally, more, please, about the raven that Riggi saw, possibly how he came to join up with John Deer.

Still more characters: Captain Soult and Astancia (why did she go to such trouble to contact the likely not-so-good captain?); also, Enni and her helpful(?) sister Bella -- and what, exactly, is a Facilitator?




Leonidia Moyrvane. And/or various of her classmates, professors ...


Saprista and Birgenes. I think "and" is fair, there, though I imagine they have separate adventures as well.

... to be continued.


Everyone on the Squad, and grandma Vivien, and ... lots of loose threads there. Do they all wind up in the brig for the party?

Jonna and the rest of her world. The young lady with the curse/blessing to deal with.



The Seer, and the Sun Emperor. And Endory (and probably her siblings). And the former high priest. <is mildly disappointed that the former Mistress of Duties does not seem to be on her way to a bad end of her own making>

Princess Honoria.

Princess Regent Auriole.

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