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Seasonal Update

The weather continues warmer than usual for this time of year in the middle of the day but is definitely cooler at night and in the early morning now. It's autumn and this is what we expect to see.

Plantwise, because my backyard is overshadowed by trees to the north, we have reached the time when moss takes over from most of the grass. Please keep in mind that I do not get snow, so moss is what I will have until sometime in spring. The imported deciduous trees are just beginning to change leaf colour, London planes/sycamores and liquidamber/sweet gums in particular, and it is the time of year when the finest stealth, infiltration racing caterpillars expend all their efforts on getting into my house.

This year they may be acting from fear because I have a bandicoot frequenting my garden. I have been seeing the diggings in the grass for a few months now and I thought it was a bandicoot, but they're nocturnal so seeing them is hard, and one hole from last night was so vigorous that I thought it might be something else...but tonight I saw it! It appears to be a long-nosed bandicoot, and they eat insect larvae and caterpillars are? So yes, the caterpillars are actually running in fear, not just looking for a good place to pupate over winter.

Bandicoots also eat funnel web spiders. The garden has them and as far as I'm concerned the bandicoot can have every single one.

Also, daylight savings ends here tonight so from tomorrow morning onwards, I will be doing everything an hour later for six months. Just in case anyone is confused.
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