rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Call For Making Me Write Prompts i.e. Whip Cracking Prompts

And it is now time for me to close this request to new prompts and keep writing. *glares admonishingly at self.*

Back on 13 June last year I ran a prompt request with the goal of funding a new laptop for myself.

I still owe my prompters and sponsors two stories. Both are part written.

One is at 4,729 words and I think closish to completion but I have had many attacks of the 'bright shiny new idea!' in the last seven months, or so, and I think I need whip cracking to get this done.

If you give me a prompt I will write you 250 words on your prompt and 250 words on the outstanding June stories, working on the 4,729 story first.

It is now Saturday afternoon my time. I will close this request for writing slave drivers when I log onto my computer on Monday morning my time.

I will guarantee to write one prompt per person. I may be able to write up to one prompt per person per calendar day (that's by my count).

Aside from no erotica and no fanfic, I need to be in the mood for one and we will assume that I don't know enough about your favourite characters to write their fanfic for the other, there are no themes for this prompt call.
Tags: prompt call laptop slavedriving 160326
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