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Call For Making Me Write Prompts i.e. Whip Cracking Prompts
And it is now time for me to close this request to new prompts and keep writing. *glares admonishingly at self.*

Back on 13 June last year I ran a prompt request with the goal of funding a new laptop for myself.

I still owe my prompters and sponsors two stories. Both are part written.

One is at 4,729 words and I think closish to completion but I have had many attacks of the 'bright shiny new idea!' in the last seven months, or so, and I think I need whip cracking to get this done.

If you give me a prompt I will write you 250 words on your prompt and 250 words on the outstanding June stories, working on the 4,729 story first.

It is now Saturday afternoon my time. I will close this request for writing slave drivers when I log onto my computer on Monday morning my time.

I will guarantee to write one prompt per person. I may be able to write up to one prompt per person per calendar day (that's by my count).

Aside from no erotica and no fanfic, I need to be in the mood for one and we will assume that I don't know enough about your favourite characters to write their fanfic for the other, there are no themes for this prompt call.

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"Slave drivers, you said?" The Red Vixen asked brightly.

She said no fanfic, Melanie, and no erotica.



I have no idea... Maybe something about the one time Master Que's training regime drives Nai up the wall?

That has not turned out how I expected when I started it - my apologies to Lady Melanie.

I will write my other 250 words and post.

And I have written this in response to your prompt... http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/251644.html

A hard march to spring a nasty surprise on enemy forces.

Mayin was last seen at a bit of a cliffhanger. (Also that episode seems to've escaped her landing page.)

Where is Ermina supposed to build a temple?

The polite young lady look for information on dealing with curses.

Life with Dalice and Coromack.

Dragons (or myths or legends or stories or things named after or ...) in Tang-ji.

Lady Wen Cho.

ooo Lady Wen Cho, great idea @kelkyag :D

I have written to your reminder about Mayin here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/251957.html

We may not be much better off.

Thanks to kiarrith, I have written to Lady Wen Cho here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/252400.html

Nai! Either main story or a side story not about her biological family (though I won't flip out if they appear), for example university staff or people who met her during the tournament. Effects she's had that she didn't know about.

It isn't part of your prompt but I wrote over 700 more words of the main story this morning.

been rereading Nai's story lately, and loving it [again], so would love some more of her story.
going to just toss out a few prompts, feel free to do one or any or all, as your time/effort/whim allows :P

uncomfortable situation, but with silver lining if one looks at it sideways

attends a party, invited or not [and thus intentionally or not, as i doubt Nai would gatecrash on purpose without a very good reason]

art is in the eye of the beholder--lovely or ugly--useful or not

It isn't part of your prompt but I wrote over 700 more words of the main story this morning.

fantastic, thank you :)

I have written to the first of these prompts - and cheated by going back in time. http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/255192.html

Loving where Nai's story is going, maybe a bit more about Master Que's history? Perhaps a bout he lost, if there is one, or his reaction to the loss?

I have written to your prompt here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/252941.html

Nai's world, something about the occupiers and what they have learned that was unexpected and how their "experts" deal with it.

Rensa's world! consequences of the rebellion, positive.

Nai's world, Wen Cho.

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