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A Little Feedback Please
Flower person
Today I found a notebook/journal that belongs to a character in one of my worlds.


(This might seem odd but I do have a couple of teapots that belong to two characters in Nai's world.)

This character, though I don't know much about.

I know her gender, ethnicity and the situation that starts her story moving.

I don't know whether she's in Padra or Heldigo, and I do know she's in a reasonably large and crowded city but not what it might be called. She shares a native language and accent with Valentine Trugrove, but not (at this stage anyway) his politics. She has not travelled widely.

So, suggestions please as to her starting point. Padra has no coast line but Heldigo has both a coastline and substantial islands.

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Urgh. Sorry, but none of that is the least bit familiar to me. Whatever that setting is, I'm a stranger there myself.

It's a new setting for me too. Do you fancy somewhere inland with the possibility of mountains or a scenic coastline with functional harbours?

The latter.

Call the city Pamaki?
Words in the language of Heldigo must begin with a consonant?

I am leaning toward the inland city, but I kind of want the inland city to have a major river port. A city that's there for something like the historic reason that St. Louis (major river confluence) or Louisville (impassable cataract in a major river) exist.

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