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Signal Boost For Patreon Pledge Drive
Okay, here's the thing - I want to back people on Patreon but with my current billing cycle, I'm not sure that I can guarantee that the pledge money will be there at the right time every month. This is an issue for me because I don't like making promises I can't keep. Also, because I reside on a different continent and thus in a different country to the people I want to back, I have to deal with exchange rates which makes any pledged figure into fuzzy issue for me while being a fixed figure for the recipient. It would be anxiety making for me.

You however, may not have cash flow or exchange rate issues.

May I recommend my friend aldersprig for your support? She is currently running a Patreon Pledge drive for herself, and I really enjoy her writing. One of her perks for Patrons is patron-only fiction that I cannot read *twitch*.

So, please, wander over and have a look - you may like what you see and have some spare money.