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And There Are The Awkward Moments With Parents...
Flower person
I see the father in this piece as rather like Gilderoy Lockheart being played by Kenneth Branagh...

He saw someone he knew and waved at them through the crowd. No-one much paid him any attention, everyone was busy with their own concerns of getting over what had just passed or getting ready for what was to come, but the girl with him hissed, “Father, can you please not?”

He said back in an aside, “But people need to know I’m your father.” He smiled at the people they were passing, whether they were looking at him or not.

She hissed back, “No, they do not! Now just keep your hands and your comments to yourself. These are my friends and they’re not going to be impressed by you. Now, be quiet and let me do the talking until I tell you that you can speak.” Her expression changed from annoyance to pleased concentration as she stepped up to the group she’d been heading towards since they’d entered the cavernous hangar. “Sorry I’m late everyone, but I ran into a complication.” As the soberly clad and business-like group looked towards her she jerked her head to indicate her companion in his claret velvet jacket and golden brown trousers.

“Oh, gods, him.” The man who’d looked up from checking and cleaning the larger firearm on the table in front added a few choice words that made his feelings on the subject clear. “Couldn’t you have shoved him in front of a truck or something?”

She shrugged. “I considered it, seriously, trust me,” her father bristled behind her, “but the rest of my family is strangely fond of him and Frangal’s patrols would have picked him up in short order. It was safer to keep him close than to cut him loose.”

“Couldn’t keep a still tongue in his head when we were in school together and I doubt he’s changed since,” commented the man who’s resumed cleaning his weapon. “You must take after your mother. We’ll have to decide what to do with him when we leave here.”

The subject of their discussion opened his mouth to object, but his daughter trod heavily on his foot with what he suddenly suspected was an armoured boot and gave him a sharp look that made him subside into unnatural silence for a few more moments.

This is now followed by Parents...2.

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Oooh, new people/setting?

Unexpectedly, yes. I was listening to music....

Ah! That's happened to me before, too.

Should I know this word?

(I need help so I can make an intelligent reply.)

It's not a word, that's me being a terrible geek. My apologies.

Unix error codes each have a short symbolic (all-caps) name, each starting with E. Some are ENO[something], where [something] is usually a resource you were trying to use that isn't available. So, ENOCONTEXT = me squawking gracelessly about lack of context for this snippet. :}

Let's be honest, I don't have one yet.

Oh, I know. This has stopped me from squeaking for you to write more when? :)

Well, no. If you would like to me to nudge less please let me know, and I will hush.

But you tell me that if I write more of something no-one will mind.

As in
E -rror
NO context

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