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Legacy 9

This follows on from Legacy 8.

“She’s right,” Buldaveho said firmly. “You two and your things are going to be very wet, very soon, if you stay here.”

“But we don’t know her,” the blonde girl told him.

“And we only know you to see,” added the dark haired one.

“And the water’s rising,” put in Baranyi casting a look the flood being created by too much water for the opening it was trying to move through. “Please, I can’t leave you out here in this. In fact,” she added with some asperity aimed at herself, “I shouldn’t be leaving you out here on your own in any circumstances. I’m sorry it took so long for me to realise that you were living here.”

“We’re not going to go to an orphanage,” warned the dark haired one warned her.

“Or anywhere else where they’ll tell us we’re not even sisters,” added the blonde.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” said Baranyi. “Now, please, come with us. The water is getting higher.” Her sentence was punctuated by a loud crack of thunder.

The blonde girl chanced a look at the drain and said worriedly, “That is beginning to look awfully full. Maybe we should?”

Her dark haired sister took a look too. “We could, if you both promise you’re not going to put us in an orphanage or split us up.”

Baranyi and Buldaveho looked at each other, he nodded to her, and then they both said to the girls, “We promise.”

It took a worryingly short time to get the girls’ possessions bundled up but even so, the water was already lapping at the lean-to’s side when they scrambled out to join the two adults under the umbrellas.

“I think it’s safe to say that my spare room is going to be better than floating away in this,” said Baranyi cheerfully. “Let’s get you inside and fed.”

The four of them had just reached Baranyi’s front door when there was another, massive crack of thunder followed almost immediately by an explosion. Buldaveho’s head whipped around and he caught sight of a plume of smoke reaching up above the intervening roofs. “That looks like it’s near my place. I have to go!” He thrust the umbrella he was holding back at Baranyi and added, “I’ll come back and let you know what it is, if I can.” Then he was gone, running in the direction of his home.

“Soup,” said Baranyi firmly, “with dumplings. Lots of soup. Someone’s going to need it, if we can’t eat it all. Let’s get you two clean and then you can help me cook,” and with that, she ushered the girls into the house.

This is now followed by Legacy 10.
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