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Dark lady 2
My campaign against the vegetative refugee from Sleeping Beauty in my garden continues. There is now much less rose, though probably at least as much as I've already taken out, and I have been stabbed in the ball of the left thumb, which I do not expect to be a mortal wound.

There is also this story.

The brambles had died when the prince had awoken the sleeping princess with a kiss. That’s what Gerhardt had been told and he had no reason to disbelieve it. However, Gerhardt was a gardener and his job was to clean up dead brambles.

As opposed to thinning out the palace orchard or finding the ways through the yew and box forest that had once been the formal garden. The head gardener himself was leading a team that was trying to clear out and replant the kitchen gardens, and reportedly finding surprising pockets of vegetable vigour. Gerhardt didn’t know what the royal family was eating, but his meals were featuring a lot of parsley.

Before they’d slept for a century, more or less, the surrounding farms and towns had delivered fresh produce to the kitchen door every day. Part of Gerhardt’s job was to clear a path so those deliveries could resume. Assuming the local farmers knew to resume deliveries. A messenger had been sent out, but Gerhardt hadn’t seen him return.

Even so, the only way in and out of the castle was still path that the prince and his helpers had hacked in, and Gerhardt was working to widening extend it, but there was still a century’s worth of oversized rose debris as well as the newly dead roses to be removed. Gerhardt hadn’t believed the tale that the prince’s groom had told of the quick-branched, carnivorous and vampiric roses that had confronted them on their arrival but, aside from cutting roses up for kindling and small logs, Gerhardt and the two boys helping him had been finding bones. They had provided Father Johan with more work than any of them had expected.

And there were the mosquitoes. Gerhardt had seen the moat, the bit you could see through the dead brambles from the drawbridge over it, and he really didn’t want to know what was going on in there. He feared he was going to find out.

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And, I bet, chives. Chives and parsley and mint'll survive anything!!

Oh, man. This is awesome. I love aftermath stories, I really do.

I've been cutting grapes up for kindling & small logs, I believe you on the roses :-D

And these were roses enchanted to be vicious...

Man, they generally don't need the help!

And they haven't even invented napalm yet...

No, but just setting fire to the dead bits might get out of control,,,

Slash & burn... cut fire lanes though it, burn the sections, dump the ash in the moat... oh, wait.. well, use the ash to prevent it regrowing.

Edited at 2016-01-12 09:46 pm (UTC)

Gerhardt hasn't even mentioned the dry ditch. (It's full.)

You're totally riffing on UrsulaV, aren't you. :D But it's true, no one ever talks about the gardeners' war after Sleeping Beauty.

I have removed a little over 190 US dry gallons of cut up rose bush from this...complex in my garden. I think I have at least as much to go.

I cannot help but think of the gardeners dealing with the after of Sleeping Beauty.

Ouch! That sounds like your own little War of the Roses.

More please!

Chives and mint and parsely don't have a lot of calories. Parsley root has some? Hopefully they've still got root vegetables and fruit trees -- and maybe birds and squirrels if they're lucky? -- and the stores of grains and beans and other dry or preserved goods were defended from rot and vermin while they slept.

I wonder if this is in the same 'verse as Jonna's story.

It could be, but not necessarily at the same time.

Birds love a bramble. I suspect the trick to eating the birds is extracting them from the bramble into a net rather than them escaping through some other exit. The birds I've seen that like brambles are the tiny ones, such as sparrows. Getting enough to feed even one person is going to take a while or a lot of cleverness. (And there'll still probably be a lot of parsley involved.)

I was thinking the castle might've had a dovecote, or even a yard full of chickens.

They probably have both - and a nasty feeling that might need to be made to last...

While alive, the enchanted portion of these brambles had definite carnivorous/vampiric tendencies. Sensible small birds wishing to contribute to the gene pool stayed away from them...

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