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Research Trip
Let's see if I can show you some of my pictures from yesterday.

This is Newcastle Beach.

The Customs House.

Another view of the Customs House.

Finally, a ship making its way in towards the mouth of the Hunter River.

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That last picture is GORGEOUS.

Agreed. Love all the surf and haze obscuring the ship.

Thank you. I had to clean the salt off my glasses a few times.

Thank you. I am still getting used to the camera function on my phone. The little lump behind the ship is the pilot's boat.

It's quite lovely!

The first picture reminds me of Virginia Beach, but I'm chalking that up to VB being the only ocean-coast city I've spent any time in.

Nice, one of these days I'll have to go to one of those beautiful crazy huge puddles in person. I agree too, that last picture... just wow.

I have a few of this ship. I would have had more but I went through a stage of thinking that the focus thing was the picture taking button...

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