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Research Trip
calm, purple me
I went on my research trip to Newcastle today and had a good time.

I have many photos, saw a freighter brought into port by the pilot and a tug, toured a 19th century fort (the only one in Australia to have returned enemy fire), walked 12.5 kilometres, collected many interesting and hopefully helpful details, and bought a poster that shows all 21 species of native bee found in this state (plus two imports.)

I believe I will sleep well tonight.

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Wait, you live down in Australia...?

Newcastle is a port city, named after Newcastle in England, which is about 50 miles from my place.

I'd just never realized that. Sorry o_O

I'm glad I'm not the only one to think that..

There are a few other places you might have heard the names of but in other locations: Morpeth, Barnsley, Cardiff.

Sounds like a fun day! Glad you made it there.

So much not sitting down.

Yay, getting up and running around! :)
Glad to hear it was a good trip.

My feet have stopped aching. :)

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