rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Tomorrow - Scribble Prompts

Tomorrow I intend going on a research trip for Recovery Action.

In current breaking news, I may need to reconsider my travel plans for tomorrow. There is a weather warning out for the region for tonight and tomorrow including flash flood warning for almost exactly where I want to go... It's been wet here today. Where I plan to go has had almost twice the rain we have in the same period.

Essentially, I have set this story (so far) in a place within relatively easy reach of me for a day trip, that I have never been to except to pass through as a child. Tomorrow I plan to rectify that.

This trip will involve two train trips of about an hour and a half. I am taking a pad and pen. (Also a mobile phone for its camera and the map app.)

Does anyone have any suggestions for some one to two hundredish word pieces I could write while in transit?
Tags: prompt request, research trip
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