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Legacy 7
This follows on from Legacy 6.

Buldaveho continued walking Baranyi home every few days for the next several weeks. They seemed to meet unexpectedly when out around the town too, and did a little of their separate domestic shopping together. Baranyi knew that Tizanna and Mira gossiped about them to all their friends, not just each other, but the two women were encouraging.

“He has his own berth and boat, remember,” Tizanna told her. “That’s not to be sneezed at. Plus he’s healthy, with a few years to go before he’s in his prime – if you were to marry him, you’d not be taking on an invalid.”

There was one woman though who glared at Baranyi without speaking to her every time they crossed paths and who glared even more fiercely when they ran across each other while Baranyi was in Buldaveho’s company. Baranyi had no idea who she was and so asked Tizanna.

“That’s Thiwada, Gulda-who-died’s closest living adult relative. She and her family moved here to take care of the house and Gulda’s granddaughters.” Tizanna looked around quickly and added in a low conspiratorial tone, “She’s Cevati Bitrani and so much better than the rest of us, in her eyes at least. Gulda told me a few years ago that her family back home had had to move because their enclave was broken up. Thiwada’s one of those relatives and I heard she’s trying to buy the house Buldaveho lives in from his landlord, so her brother and his family can move into it.”

“If she does that, then Buldaveho can’t buy it back!” Baranyi looked around too before she added, “Aren’t there rules about people from a dispersed enclave trying to live near each other?” A pause, then she added, “Should I know Gulda?”

Tizanna shook her head. “Probably not. Her last illness put her in her bed about the time you arrived. But that’s not all. There’s something odd going on with Gulda’s granddaughters too. Ever since Thiwada moved in I haven’t been seeing the twins where I expect them to be.”

Baranyi asked, “Would they be about eight? One blonde and one dark?”

Tizanna nodded, “That’s them.”

“I’ve been seeing them in the middle of the day, and wondering why they’re not in school,” said Baranyi. “Sometimes when I go out to paint the dawn light they’re around too…. That really doesn’t sound good, does it?”

“No, it doesn’t,” agreed Tizanna. “The question is, what do we do about it?”

This is now followed by Legacy 8.

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Ah, plot begins to emerge!

"you’d not be taking on an invalid" seems like a pretty weak argument in favor of marrying a given someone ...

On the other hand, he's not looking for a wife to nurse him through his next few illness-filled years... It's more like he _doesn't_ have that black mark against him.

A man effectively looking for an unpaid 24/7 nurse had better be bringing a lot else into the bargain ... but that's not this story.

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