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Legacy 6

This follows on from Legacy 5. The Calenyena and Bitrani words for green come from aldersprig's post Lexember Day 29: Colors.

As always in this world, aldersprig has the last word on the canonicity of anything.

The next time he came over to her when he’d finished work on his boat he asked, “So, what did your friends say?”

She kept painting but a dimple developed beside her mouth as she said, “They said I should get to know you better to find out if I like you.”

“Among other things, I was told that you and Andulo spend most of three mornings a week talking about colour.” He smiled and asked, “”How can there be that much to say about colour?”

“You’re a fisherman and you spend a lot of time talking to other fishermen about your work, don’t you?” The dimple was still beside her mouth.

“Well, yes,” he admitted.

“So how can there that much to say about fish?” She turned and gave him a full smile going back to her work. “Actually, we spent the first week making sure that I really did know what the main Bitrani colours are – just in case my teacher back home was a bit slapdash and only told me the convenient thing.”

“How can colour be different in different languages? A fish is a fish.” Buldaveho admired the way that her four dark braids were looped up to keep her hair out of the way. It looked…nice on her.

“Well yes, except both languages have names for different shades of colour that the other doesn’t even recognise,” Baranyi mixed something on her palette and dabbed in some shadows. “But do gomol and miagermo begin and end in the same place?”

“You mean before they become other colours?” Baranyi took a glance at him and the tall fisherman was getting that cross-eyed look again.

“Exactly.” She nodded encouragingly.

“So that’s the sort of thing you and Andulo talk about?” The almost cross-eyed look hadn’t gone away.

“Yes, and our different ideas of what colours contrast best with each other and which ones complement each other.” Baranyi looked at the picture in front of her and decided it was done. The short dusk was almost gone, so she started to pack up.

“Don’t Calenyena use everything with everything?” Buldaveho sounded both confused and amused.

“I suppose it can look like that to Bitrani,” Baranyi admitted, “but there are rules.”

“Perhaps I could help you carry your things home and you could try to help me understand them on the way?” Buldaveho smiled and hoped he didn’t look too intimidating or smell too fishy.

Baranyi smiled back. “I think I might like that. Thank you.”

This is now followed by Legacy 7.
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