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Legacy 4
This follows on from Legacy 3.

“It must be nice to spend your time doing what you want instead of working,” he commented the first night she saw him.

“I’m a painter, this is work,” she’d retorted calmly if a little absentmindedly while painting in a piece of dark rigging over her lighter washes.

“This will earn you money?” He was disbelieving, but not unfriendly even if he was way too close for her comfort.

“Painting and drawing are skills you need to practice to get better,” she told him as she took another look at the prow of his boat. “Also, I have three siblings, ten nieces and nephews, and a lot of uncles, aunts and cousins who want to see what I’m up to. Besides, sunsets sell. These ones may not sell here, but further north….”

“Ah,” he nodded and moved on.

A few days later, when the tides or his catch brought him back to the dock while she was there again, he asked, “Why are you still painting the sunset?”

“It’s not the same sunset,” answered Baranyi. “Each one is different. You must have seen that.”

“I have,” he agreed. “My name’s Buldaveho, by the way.”

“Pleased to meet you.” She took a moment to smile at him, “I’m Barelvyanyi.”

He got an almost cross-eyed look on his face before he said, “So, that would make you Barnyi for everyday use?”

Baranyi shook her head as she mixed a little more dark on her palette. “No, she’s one of my older first cousins on my mother’s side. I’m Baranyi, but do we know each other well enough for you to call me that?”

He nodded gravely and asked, “But would you like to?”

She painted in a foreground detail. “I might have to ask some people I know about you before I decide that.”

“That would be sensible,” he agreed. “I might talk to some people too.”

This is now followed by Legacy 5.

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Name-shortening familiarity! Cultural fun! (I've also seen a LARP character use that to good effect, which was kind of fun to watch as one of the NPCs in the game.)

And the owner of canon, creator of the universe hasn't told me that I'm wrong. Well, not yet anyway. :)

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