rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Conlaging: First Attempt

aldersprig has been having so much fun with her Calenyan conlagging for Lexember that it made me want to try too. Unfortunately I don't have a setting with a burning need for a new language. However, I do have a setting with the bare mention of a language and some vocabulary and grammar. This NSFW series of very short stories written for kink bingo has a few words of Sarachayn in it.

Because I have tried teaching myself a little Latin, it came into the world with a first declension verb, which currently looks like this:

First Declension verbs

Have the root form CVCVC.

Form the to-infinitive as CVCVCus.

Example: parabus – to collar.

1st person singular                                              parabee

2nd person – familiar                                          parable

2nd person subordinate                                       parabi

2nd person formal/superior                                parabin

3rd person inhuman plural                                  parabend                               

Tags: conlagging, sarachayn
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