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From Scratch
Cowgirl Nymph
I wrote this to the Thimbleful Thursday prompt "From Scratch." This is one of my existing worlds but they are new characters.

“It’s all very well saying ‘start from first principles’ but, right now, what are they?” Casey was standing, arms akimbo, in front of their pile of scavenged spare parts.

“Well, what do you want to achieve?” Count Terrapin von Armic sat on the low retaining wall keeping the garden off the paved area.

“To find out what’s going on, of course!” Casey waved generally, “I mean: the roads are blocked; the village is surrounded by men in powered armour or robots, or both; and we can’t raise the outside by phone or radio. Who’s doing this and why?”

“I would imagine that the chatter between those armoured men, or directions to the robots, could be rather informative,” said Count Terrapin thoughtfully.

“So, something to find and listen to their communications then.” Casey looked at him suspiciously. “Who are you, really? And why do you sound like you’ve thought about this before?”

“I really am Count Terrapin von Armic,” he produced a business card from an inner pocket and handed it to her, “and I’m something of a professional trouble-shooter. Having you build a radio device seems easier on me than taking out one of those armoured men for his receiver/transmitter.”

Casey said, “You make yourself sound like Terrencian Intelligence or something.”

He smiled and leaned forward on his cane, “Exactly.”

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Well, if Casey's life was boring before I don't think it will be that way again any time soon.

I think she's about to become a meddling kid, as in, "If it hadn't been for those meddling kids..."

Heh. There was an RPG for young kids called Meddling Kids.

All she needs to pull it off is a goofy animal sidekick.

But what sort of goofy animal sidekick?

Oh yes, ferrets are delightfully goofy. Wiggly, curious, cute... A friend back in high school had an albino ferret.

It would have to be a talking ferret to be in synch with the genre wouldn't it?

This world started in steam punk and has the return of the Atlanteans. There is mad science in there - there could be a talking ferret, a 'giant' talking ferret....

Actual talking is unnecessary as long as some sort of communication can be established ...

To be in keeping with the genre, it would have to be a talking ferret, wouldn't it?

This world started with steam punk and has the return of the Atlanteans, and it involves mad science. There could be a talking ferret, a 'giant' talking ferret....

Also excellent at traversing small spaces -- excellent for running wires through conduits, sneaking in and stealing small but important objects, eavesdropping ...

While looking for ferret pictures, I found this paragraph in the Sydney University Faculty of Veterinary Science .pdf on ferrets.

"It's a ferret's goal to maximise chaos and escape all confines whenever possible."


That sounds like the ferrets I've met. Maybe throw in some snuggles. :)

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