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The Witching Hour XIV
Cowgirl Nymph
Following on from Witching Hour I to XIII, this all came out of the Thimbleful Tursday prompt "The Witching Hour."

Bodram was nursing his ribs and pride on a bench in the park.

“Now the Witching Hour’s over for another month, truce?” The newcomer was from the other power block in town. Her silver hair and gamin face said ‘storybook fairy.’

“All right.” He was reduced to grunting.

“We tried to unite them as subordinates for us a few years ago,” she said conversationally. “Third time wasn’t the charm, so we consulted a Seer.”


“Turned out their unity wouldn’t have been in our best interests. It might not be in yours either,” she added.

“So we should see a Seer?”

“Of your choice,” she agreed. “Just in case.”

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It seems Bodram may make it through the night, but has he made himself some enemies? Annoying a whole flock of people with power doesn't seem a good idea.

He also hasn't completed his set task...

So many fascinating characters -- grandma's charm working, inadvertent shields, advertent shields, astonshing focus against distractions, and an owl! More please?

As it happens, I have these words written out longhand that I now need to transcribe.... :)

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