rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

The Witching Hour XI

This follows on from The Witching Hour I to X and it's all the fault of Thimbleful Thursday's prompt "The Witching Hour."

Walter was a librarian with an interest in calligraphy, and he’d been subject to this sort of attention before. The first time, before he’d discovered how to make them go away, had been frightening. Now it was annoying more than anything else.

He’d rather have been reading a good book or catching up on his sleep, although this harasser was not Walter’s choice for the directed dreaming he’d used on the female warlock who’d last annoyed him, but instead he was writing a letter of rejection.

All reasonably standard, until it was delivered by homing, self-unwrapping, and recipient-sticky paper airplane.

Tags: the unformed, thimbleful thursday
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