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The Witching Hour X
Cowgirl Nymph
This follows on from The Witching Hour I to IX and I blame it on Thimbleful Thursday's prompt "The Witching Hour."

His parents had hoped that their son would be a creative polymath, hence the name they’d chosen for him, but who they’d gotten had been Ustinov. He liked words for their precise meanings, but he was a clerk with no ambitions to be otherwise. He craved affection but ate instead of seeking it out, and his main social outlet was his model railway club.

His parents despaired of him.

Perhaps they shouldn’t have, because as Bodram dangled power and glory in front of his nose, Ustinov delicately filled in the details on the model railway station he was making for the hospital’s children’s ward. In it, Bodram was a porter.

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Dang, whomever Bodram is, he's (a) persistent and (b) possessed of enormous unluckiness. :)

It looks like a good idea on paper. :)

And Bodram has been given a job to do.

<3 this series. <3 this poor kid.

I want to know what else is in Ustinov's railroad model.

I don't know what else is in that railway model, but I know he has another station model where a certain silver-haired, female warlock is a lady passenger.

... which may or may not have consequences.

Are you thinking to do anything further with this set of vignettes?

I don't know.

I have lots of things that have had a longer life than I ever intended/expected and other things that I thought I should write more of, that I haven't.

Having a file of partially developed idea to mine in the future isn't a bad thing.

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