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The Witching Hour IX
Cowgirl Nymph
This follows on from The Witching Hour I to VIII and I blame it on Thimbleful Thursday's prompt "The Witching Hour."

Isaac was finally sleeping, a natural sleep that might do him some good. Before Sara could cuddle up beside him though, there was something she had to do. Her workroom was ready for short notice problems…

The projection bounced up into existence before Bodram, looking like a first-rate CGI hologram. The neat, dark haired, coppery-warm toned woman was surrounded by a ward at her feet, but beyond that, there was no detail of her location. She spoke with frosted anger and disdain, “My husband’s dying and your actions are making a bad time worse. If you’re volunteering as a target for angry grief, keep right on doing what you’re doing.”