rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

The Witching Hour VII

This follows on from The Witching Hour I to VI and comes out of the Thimbleful Thursday prompt "The Witching Hour".

(And yes, as you ask, I am trying something a bit different.)

Oliver was beginning to regret taking up magic. There was a group of cute girls who hung out at his favourite coffee shop who were into all of that and he’d thought it would give him something to talk to them about. It had turned out that he was really good at scrying, and now he knew what the magic milieu was really like. Most of the cute girls were safe, as long as they didn’t try to leave their groups run by beings in human-shaped masks.

Oliver was being hunted because he was unaffiliated, and that was scary.

He dropped his new ward into place, then watched Bodram bounce.

Tags: the unformed, thimbleful thursday

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