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The marriage wasn’t working.  Well, it wasn’t working for her - there were three locked bedroom doors that she wasn’t allowed to pass and behind them her spouses cavorted, communed, slept or did whatever else they did without her.

To be fair they hadn’t wanted to be married to her any more than she’d wanted to be married to them but they were all young and their mothers, hers in particular, had pushed their ideas of how a marriage should be put together on them.  All three from her family, marriage sibs but with no parents in common between them, had tried to resist – she had said she didn’t want to, Beth had pointed out that the boys didn’t know her and Ebony had been plain spoken enough to say, “We don’t want her.”  The maternal juggernaut had powered on over all objections and here she was, married a year and a day and still a virgin with no hope of being otherwise.

At least she’d started keeping a diary.

She’d take that with her to her legal appointment tomorrow.  Together with the medical checks the court would order, it should get her an annulment.  If she was prepared to give up all claims to her dowry, the funds and support her family had put into this new household on her behalf, she could just walk away.  Walk away and never come back.

Start somewhere new and may be, one day, have a proper marriage.
If you could show you’d tried and been patient, that was why she had the diary, then annulments were supposed to be quick.  A matter of weeks.  She could do that.

She smiled to herself and snuggled down into the sleeping nest she’d made in the only space they hadn’t kicked her out of.  Things were already beginning to look up, even if next month she wouldn’t be able to afford somewhere to live that had a utility room.

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