rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Demifiction: Letter to the Editor of the New Orleans Clarion-Picayune

I wrote this in response to ysabetwordsmith's post here about her poem "Berettaflies" and dialecticdreamer's demifiction response "Demifiction: Children's Hospital Closes Doors!"

To the Editor,

As a transplant to these fair shores and an avid gardener, I am greatly concerned about this cobbled together menace that has been thrust upon us. It is, apparently, a butterfly that stings.

What do its caterpillars eat? Which plants should I be checking for eggs and said caterpillars? What DO the eggs and caterpillars look like?

Horror of horrors, has it inherited colony and nest behaviours from its stinging ancestors?

Surely the creator of these creatures kept notes? Why are more of these important details not being shared with us?

Yours in frustration and concern,

Narelle Collins-Coulter

Tags: berettaflies, demifiction
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