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Prompt Request Bonus Rounds
In my laptop funding Prompt Request I gave three stretch goals which were all met. Goals two and three were:

"If we reach $20 – I call upon the combined prompters to craft a new, fiendishly clever prompt for me to write to.

If we reach $30 – I will call upon those who have paid for prompts and extensions to craft a devious and confusing prompt for me to write to."

The suggestions I have are for:

1. something about one of the reincarnated scholars/government officials/whatnots;

2. 'the Great Game' with no further clarification; and

3. a story about having your heart broken by your grandmother.

Does anyone have anything else to add?

While you're all thinking about that, I'll go back and see if I have any unwritten, unfunded prompts from that call to write to for the first stretch goal.

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Random early-morning thoughts:

The very first reincarnated person. Or the first one to publicly acknowledge it.

The river has gone missing overnight. (As in, even the channel where it was is no longer there.)

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