rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Prompt Request Bonus Rounds

In my laptop funding Prompt Request I gave three stretch goals which were all met. Goals two and three were:

"If we reach $20 – I call upon the combined prompters to craft a new, fiendishly clever prompt for me to write to.

If we reach $30 – I will call upon those who have paid for prompts and extensions to craft a devious and confusing prompt for me to write to."

The suggestions I have are for:

1. something about one of the reincarnated scholars/government officials/whatnots;

2. 'the Great Game' with no further clarification; and

3. a story about having your heart broken by your grandmother.

Does anyone have anything else to add?

While you're all thinking about that, I'll go back and see if I have any unwritten, unfunded prompts from that call to write to for the first stretch goal.
Tags: laptop funding1
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