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Advice Please re Patreon
calm, purple me
I am looking at putting myself on Patreon.  To do this I need to make achievable and realistic promises to potential patrons. I currently have three projects that I've started in the 'free to air' space that I don't want to put behind a pay wall.

I also have a fourth project that I've been plotting, a bit and, theoretically, a fifth project which is something sitting at the back of my head that I've been thinking, "I must get around to doing something with that".

Plus things like Thimbleful Thursdays and Prompt Requests.

I'm thinking of asking for payment by the publically available piece with increased minimum word count levels for patrons in Prompt Requests and project four coming out for patron's eyes only.

Does anyone who uses Patreon in any way have any comments or other constructive advice?


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I have seen Patreons where on (typically the lowest) level of support gets you the right to read work that is to be publicly posted some period of time (even as little as a week) before the rest of the world.

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