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Quelle Surprise
Cowgirl Nymph
I wrote this to the 200 word Thimbleful Thursday prompt 'Quelle surprise.'

Honoré was supposed to collect me.

I was still waiting on the footpath for him to swing by when Phillia called. “Seville, where are you? Everyone else is here already. The competition starts in an hour! I thought you needed lots of time for set up?”

“I do,” I agreed, “but I’m still waiting for Honoré. How did you get there? I though he was picking you up first?”

Phillia gasped. “Didn’t he call you last night? He had to cancel. Something came up.”

I gritted my teeth. “He didn’t call me. Look, if anyone asks, I’m still coming. Talk to you when I get there.”

There was no choice. I’d already given Honoré money for petrol, so I didn’t have any for taxis, and there were no buses, which was why I’d arranged a lift. I picked up my equipment bag, and legged it to the venue.

So much for being fresh for my competition presentation.

The first two people I saw at the venue were Honoré and Axel Rodham’s older sister, making out. I could see what had come up.

Axel looked green when I got there with minutes to spare for my set up. He was greener still when I beat him for first place and the scholarship.

Don’t know how long Honoré’ll have a girlfriend for.

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Sounds like this Axel Rodham tried to thin out the competition by having his older sis distract the rides of these two people. Too bad for him it was within walking distance of a very determined person!

More specifically, one of them wasn't told that her lift wasn't coming...

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