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Nai's Family Tree
After a query from kunama_wolf, I'm having another go at posting this. Keep in mind that everyone is a year younger than these dates say and that Zhuo's marriage is in the future. Also, Mei is married, but I don't know what is name is or what he does...

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Ah!... The last name is the family name, not the first name as in our-world Chinese naming. That is quite a surprise.

I assume that the different color of Nai's block is purely a matter of highlighting, correct?

What's the meaning of the quasi–cut-off top left corner on Gg-father Pu Sung's block?

Of course, if you ever want to fill in MoMo's (maternal grandmother's) parents, you can slide the top three generations to the left and stretch out her horizontal marriage line.

The name order is the way, as far as I am aware, that my elderly family tree program works. (So elderly in fact that it's probably a wonder that it runs on my current computer.)

The colour of Nai's block means that the tree was built referencing her as the main person of interest, so it's looking at everyone in the database in relation to her.

That little black mark means that he's dead.

Ah, thank you. ... Hey, does that mean that FaMoFa Chu Gao is 123, and the others of the generation also centenarians? Or just that date of death is unknown?

Of course, if Nai's gi ability is something that runs in the family...

Edited at 2015-08-03 05:39 pm (UTC)

I think we can safely assume that none of that generation is still with us. :)

So it's a matter of the program not letting you distinguish "still alive" from "date of death unknown". (Sigh.) Thanks for the chart.

More that I haven't put the "they're dead marker" on them.

Nai's grandmothers are still alive, but I'm not sure about her grandfathers.

Goodness. No wonder I couldn't keep it all in my head. Thanks for this - may want to link to it next time there's more than 5 ppl in the one room. Hrm. And probably on the landing page, to keep it all in one easily referenced post.

Which is the (great)-grandmother that Nai resembles when dressed up in a formal old-fashioned style? (Gao Ling, or Gao (nee Liu) Fang? Or am I totally confused?)

I believe it was her great-grandmother Liu Fang, later Madam Gao Fang, who was the postcard beauty.

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