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Reality Check Please
Could I please have feedback from others as to the appropriateness of a word?

I am looking for a non-pejorative word to describe people of 'African' descent in Nai's world but not Nai's country. Part of the issue is that there would be no reason for where they come from in this world to be called Africa. I am thinking of using the word 'Zanji.'

Is there any modern connotation to this that I'm missing?

Your input would be gratefully received. Thank you.

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Only thing that was potentially objectionable that came to mind was 'ganja' (street slang for 'marijuana') but that's kind of a stretch. Don't fear the people who want to make everything somehow objectionable, IMO!

Thank you.

It's just that we don't have a big African-descended population around here (and most of them are actually from Africa, as I understand it) so I just don't know lots of detail...

Eh, my objection to 'omg that word totally means something you didn't expect' comes from some certain people trying to convince me 'poof' was a naughty word because of its connotation in their circles... Not sure if you want the details, but at that point I decided to have my words mean what I understood them to mean from conventional and well known usage, not 'any conceivable meaning someone could find under unusual circumstances'.

And a fair call on your part. :)

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