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Calling All Prompters!
We have already hit the first two goals I set in the Prompt Request so this post is for you to work out what the "new, fiendishly clever prompt" for me to write will be.

You know who you are, even those wonderful anonymous people among you. So, what do you, collectively, want me to write?

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I'm still a bit confused about the whole prompt thing, are you asking for prompts in one of your 'verses or new ones, and what constitutes 'fiendishly clever'? :)

What would the prompters, as a group, like me to write for this progress goal. Come up with some ideas and tie me up in knots, if you want to, of course. :)

Okay, let's see... I'll insert 'the Great Game' here with no further clarification. :) Hopefully other people will have ideas.

I'm a bit intimidated by the task of thinking of something clever. I will try though. Maybe when it's combined with other ideas it will become fiendish.

Please tell me a story about having your heart broken by your grandmother.

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