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Prompt Request
The initial prompt window is now closed.

As explained elsewhere, I have reason to believe that the laptop I do some of my writing on is dying. The writing concerned is primarily Nai.

Consequently, I have decided to run a prompt call with the aim of getting the funds together for a new laptop faster than I would be able to otherwise. Preliminary investigations in the middle of our current sale season (we’re in the run up to the end of financial year over here) suggest that at the moment I could get a current model equivalent of my existing machine for $500 to $800, Australian. I intend to carry out more specific queries tomorrow and will update this post then.

I do not expect to raise that sort of money through writing to prompts by the end of this month. I am going to run a laptop funding prompt request and see how I go.

On this occasion, the prompts are themeless, so ask for anything you like – except fanfic or porn. The first is out because I don’t follow Enough Things to have any idea who you are talking about, the second because I have to be in the mood and can’t guarantee that. You may, of course, ask for continuations or other further pieces on characters and stories I have already written.

For each prompt, I will write at least 250 words.

Anyone may prompt and get a single prompt written to for free.

Anyone may signal boost and get one additional prompt written to for free. Signal boosting on additional platforms will get you another 100 words added to your minimum word count per platform.

Anyone may pay for a prompt to be written to. There is a button!

Anything I need to know?

Anyone may pay for extensions to a written to prompt. There is another button!

Prompt Extensions

Also, there is a money raised tracker:

Participation bonuses:

If we reach $10 – I will write to a randomly selected, unfunded prompt.

If we reach $20 – I call upon the combined prompters to craft a new, fiendishly clever prompt for me to write to.

If we reach $30 – I will call upon those who have paid for prompts and extensions to craft a devious and confusing prompt for me to write to. I will also have to come up with more participation bonuses.

The initial prompt window runs from now, which is late on Saturday, 13 June 15 my time, until late on Wednesday, 17 June 15 my time is now closed. Prompts and extensions may continue to be paid for after this time.

Thank you for your participation.

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- Breaking of a curse

- Patchwork crow

- "I didn't expect those to grow in fields" (or "on trees" or "on vines" or something like that)

- Shiny beetles

Nai, either main story cont or the next side piece with her family.

(If it isn't clear, i'd like my toss into the tip hat applied to this.)

Something set in Nai's world. Maybe something that happened in the past? Or a side story? Or just more Nai's story =)

A story about a society where only one sibling is ever allowed to have children. Possible questions explored: How would they decide which sibling is chosen? Do people want to be chosen? How many children does the chosen one generally have?

A story about breeding magical animals.

(I guess my livejournal account got deleted. I donated via paypal. My email includes the word toast)

Calling All Prompters!

Dear Gentlebeings,

We have already hit the first two goals I set above so I will set up a post for you to work out what the "new, fiendishly clever prompt" for me to write will be.

Re: Calling All Prompters!

Let's see, fiendishly clever... how about something about one of the reincarnated scholars/government officials/whatnots? (If it seems like I'm stuck in Nai's universe, it's because I love it).

As I mentioned in my last LJ entry, I'd love to see people's riffs on 'Steal the Dragon'. ;)

Ah! You would be my first donation. The one with the work in progress. :)

Okay, colour me slightly dumbfounded.

I need to make a post for those who have paid for prompts and extensions to discuss which set of hoops they want me to jump through for their amusement.

Also, where do I got to next for stretch goals?

Edited at 2015-06-14 11:19 am (UTC)

At some point (whenever it fits into the story), I'd like to see how Nai's mask is shaping up! :)

I'm also fond of Jonna, Mayin, Parthi, and Rensa, for characters with fairly well-developed stories in various states from "not done yet" through "might benefit from a final wrap-up segment".

Which of your open stories are you interested in working on and/or wrapping up?

I'm also stuck in the Nai-verse. Thoughts for prompts:

* More Ha Ri

* More Sung family interaction/Nai backstory

* Master Que's most (in)famous bout (or, how *did* he get his reputation?)

And, of course:

* More Nai!

Grm, posted without realizing my login had expired, so it went anonymous and screened. Feel free to delete that one.

Re-posting as me...

I'm also stuck in the Nai-verse. Promptings:

* More Ha Ri

* More Sung family interaction/Nai backstory

* Master Que's most (in)famous bout (or, how *did* he get that reputation?)

And, of course:

* More Nai!

Your request for more Sung family interaction should be found here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/226896.html

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