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Seeking Feedback
Furry person
Okay, a little background first.

The laptop I write Nai on has begun to be a little temperamental - it doesn't always boot up when I start it up, which I believe is a sign that the hard drive is beginning to die.  Today I went out to write Nai and Windows wouldn't start up, although this seems to be an issue tied in to the latest software update and reconfiguration - a trip home in sleep mode via a shop where I priced new laptops that are currently on sale for the end of financial year and it is now co-operating again. However, as I've already had it long enough to replace the battery, it's probably time to acknowledge that the Writing Is On The Wall.

Is it reasonable for me to consider running a series of prompt calls with the aim of raising money to help pay for a new laptop so I can get one a bit sooner? I worry that I'd be asking people who are worse off than me to help me buy something that they can't afford for themselves.

Possibly I am overthinking things if I'm providing what people pay for up front...

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Huh, let's see. (apologies if this is too long, I seem to be feeling rambly)

1) You are offering to exchange money for service, right? I believe this is generally called "work", and in principle considered respectable. ;)

2) You do not create an obligation for anyone to tip you, or give you money in exchange for more fiction, by running a prompt call. Anybody who sees the option can decide if they want to give you money, or not.

3) You are not asking any one person to buy a big ticket item for you. Not being able to afford a new laptop doesn't automatically mean that spending a few [insert currency here] to get fiction from someone whose writing one likes is also out of the question.

4) I do not think your audience consists entirely of people who are "worse off" than you.

5) Contrast "I want a new laptop, please give me money" with "the machine I write on may break down in the not-so-distant future; if you like my fiction, I'll write more for you if you give me a bit of money (to help out with getting something to write on in years to come)"

Thank you for the reasoned arguments to contradict the "that would be selfish/greedy" voices in my head.

Do the prompt calls. You're going to need a new laptop regardless - ankewehner's 5th point words it well. (They are all well worded.) Worst I can see happening is that no one tips, and unless you actually don't like writing to prompt calls, then no one is really worse off.

Everyone else said it better, but... totally reasonable. I mean, I'm biased, I've done the same thing myself.

Thank you. I have put my post up.

I would add "fourthed", exthept that that leadth to a really forthed pun... Oopth!

Thank you, pun or not. I have put the request up.

I do wonder, what about simply having a Patreon, maybe tied to fic output, or maybe tip monthly?

I worry about promising too much in advance.

Well, I've seen Patreons tied to releasing comic pages, so it could be similar, micropayments tied to individual snippets. Supporters can set a maximum on how many entries they'd support a month, if I recall right. So if you didn't deliver, people wouldn't be obligated to pay.

I may need to look into it. Thank you.

This. Another person I know (siderea) picked the per-post model for exactly the reason that it didn't promise posts and did reward productivity.

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