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Style Question for Nai Readers
Would it be better when referring to foreign nations that have real world analogues to use names that might mean something to us or the actual Tang-ji names for those places. There wouldn't be any other context in this section of the story. (or at least, there isn't at the moment.

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Use the actual Tang-ji names; the real-world names would ring as weird at this point in the story.

Mind you, I'm not sure why one of them wants to be Angleterre.

I'm sure there must be a story behind that.

If it's not French for England, it's awfully close.

I think what I really want to do is Tang-ji alliteration for at least some of the native names and then we could all ask why they use the French word.

Longer Norman conquest! :-D :-D

Or the "French" taught Tang-ji "European" place names. :)

What Alder said. Stick with the Tang-ji names. Anglicized names would just look weird.

Now I just have to figure out what those are...

Yes, Tang-ji names, please.

You can always do an appendix later with the correlations :)

I have written notes for myself for those! :)

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